Adobe Certified Training for Creative Cloud

When shopping for services, be sure to ask these Top 10 questions and kindly consider my competitive advantages:

1. Are the rates per person, or per day, for a public, or private custom class? My rates are per day, for up to 4 participants, for private custom classes (discounts are available for larger groups). Please feel free to send some sample project files ahead of time, so I can customize the class and provide a lesson plan for your approval at no extra cost. The lesson plans from other training providers may contain topics that are not relevant to your needs (which I will work with you to discover); and typically contain much more than can be covered, especially with large groups. This “hit or miss” approach is unlikely to result in an effective learning experience; my custom classes can use your real world project files, so you can go straight to work on what you need to do, and not waste on irrelevant topics and questions from other students with different goals.

2. Are the rates all inclusive? My rates are all inclusive for online or on-site classes anywhere within a 2-hour round-trip from Atlanta. Will work with you on approving any appropriate travel arrangements worldwide. I can meet or beat any competitor’s rates.

3. Do the days need to be consecutive and are weekends an option? With me, the days do not need to be consecutive and there is no extra charge for weekends. We can start and finish the class when you want, which is typically from 9-4:30, but that is flexible.

4. What happens if anyone is unable to attend a class or unhappy for any reason? Most training providers will not refund your money (read the refund policies carefully); I am much more forgiving (life happens); and will work with you on rescheduling for no extra charge. They may also cancel your classes on very short notice, due to low enrollment (or other reasons); disrupting your travel planning for rescheduling and having to find another training provider. Satisfaction is guaranteed for the agreed dates (weather & traffic permitting); and you can substitute students anytime before the class.

5. Is the instructor Certified by Adobe? All Adobe Certified Training Providers are required to use Adobe Certified Instructors, but many do not! I have been an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) in good standing for over 15 years, and have decades of real world publishing experience. There is a good chance that the training provider will subcontract me for twice the cost PER PERSON. In other words, I may be instructor for twice the cost, for an open enrollment class (instead of a custom class); no matter which training provider you pick. They may also bait-switch instructors without notice!

6. What books (if any) are provided with classes? Most training providers will give you a book of their choice whether you want it or not. As an author and editor for many Adobe books, I can provide paper books or eBooks of your choice (can help you select one) for no extra charge. I can also provide custom courseware and/or training tutorial videos, based on your project files.

7. What version of the Adobe product is covered on Mac or Windows computers? Many training providers use whatever version they happen to have, which may not match yours (or be current); causing confusion and frustration due to drastic differences between older and newer versions. I can cover any version of any Adobe product you have for Mac or Windows. Many training providers do not offer a choice of Mac or Windows, and their computers may not work as expected. I can provide you with a Mac or Windows laptop with the appropriate version.

8. How many students might also occupy the classroom? Many training providers try to cram as many as 18 people per classroom, shoulder to shoulder! There is also a risk of catching the flu from other students or dirty keyboards & mice. For example, the last class I taught at Emory was full of sick students sneezing, and a student in the back of the room requested to cover the lesson again because she was busy texting! When the instructor said “right-click” (the mouse button); a senior wrote the word “click” on her notepad (she apparently thought it was a contest to see if everyone was paying attention). For online classes, we will verify everything is working as expected ahead of time.

9. Is free follow-up support included? I typically provide at least 3 hours of free support within a 3 month period. Options include email, phone calls and/or online screen sharing sessions (using Adobe Connect, or GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc.)

10. Is the classroom location easily accessible for everyone? Many training providers have locations that can be very difficult to get to/from during rush hour (in which case you could forfeit your fees); even the instructor might be late! I have never been late for a class in over 15 years! Depending on where you sit, you may not be able to see important details on the instructor’s screen!

Has Keeping Up with Creative Cloud become a Part Time Job?

  • Wishing you had an Adobe Certified Expert available to troubleshoot or plan a project?
  • Simply schedule a screen sharing session for project assistance; real time results are guaranteed!

Private Training Online and On-site Consulting for

  • Adobe Acrobat® Professional (including Section 508 Accessibility)
  • Adobe InDesign® (including InCopy & DPS)
  • Adobe Illustrator® (including PDF editing)
  • Adobe Photoshop® (including Lightroom)
  • Google Earth Pro & Trimble SketchUp Pro

Project Assistance for

  • Cross-Media, Print & PDF Production (everything from Catalogs to Magazines)
  • Interactive PDF Forms with InDesign
  • iPad Publishing Projects

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